Pacsky Helps Reduce Overhaul Costs

If you are overhauling T56/501 compressor vanes you should be using our PMA approved replacement airfoils. We now stock all 14 stages for immediate delivery.

Components for Industrial Engines In Stock

These components are in stock and ready to ship.

501-K Compressor Unit

DS (Directionally Solidified) MAR M247 Material, 1st Stage Turbine Blades

TBC (Thermal Barrier Coated) 1st Stage Turbine Vane Segments

Sermetel Coated Compressor Blades and Compressor Vanes

Selection of Turbine Blades Available

Pacsky manufactures and distributes the following FAA-PMA turbine blades:

1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage and 4th stage turbine blades for the T56/501.

1st Stage Turbine blades for use on the 501-D13 engine (popular with Covair 580 operators).

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Orders Processed Same Day for Enhanced Reliability Reduction Gearbox Kit

This kit includes the new stiffened Main Diaphragm, front and rear Pinion Gear Bearings, Plate Segment Bearings. Order yours today.


Pin Fin Turbine Vanes in Stock

Pin Fin Turbine Vanes in Stock. We now have FAA/PMA on Pin Fin Turbine Vanes.
PN 23031780, 81, 82, 83. Call for pricing:

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